How do you change the rear brakes on a Pontiac Grand Prix?


The Pontiac Grand Prix has rear disc brakes, which makes changing them a simple process. First, jack up the rear end of the car and secure it with jack stands. Take off the rear wheels and set them aside. Use a clamp on the brake calipers to push the brake cylinder back in, allowing for removal of the pads. Remove the pads, then simply slide the new pads in. Put the wheels back on, lower the car, and pump the brakes to reset the cylinders and ensure everything works as it should.
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1. Park your car on a level surface. If you have a stick shift car make sure the car is in gear. Place blocks in front of the front tires so the car does not move while you are working
Drain approximately two-thirds of the brake fluid from
For step by step instructions of this task check out the following website. Hope this helps. "G"
1 Drain some of the brake fluid out of master brake cylinder with a suction gun. Place the old fluid into an approved container and take it to an approved center to discard it. Ad
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