How do you know if velocity is changing?


To figure out if velocity is changing, you must know whether the speed or the direction changes, as one of these is required in order for velocity to change. Velocity can also change in both speed and direction change. Constant velocity is when neither speed nor direction change, but continue on in the same way indefinitely. Velocity is a vector, with length and direction being its two components. Speed is considered to be the length.
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The rate of change in velocity is defined by the acceleration. The formula to figure it out is: A=dv/dt. DV is the change in velocity over the DT (which is the time difference)
Though Newton's law states that a body in motion stays in motion, in real life you know that a moving object eventually slows down. This is due to the force caused by friction, which
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Acceleration is the rate in which velocity changes. Sometimes the term 'deceleration' is used when the rate of velocity is decreasing.Hence, Acceleration and deceleration ...
Velocity is made up of speed and direction. A change in velocity can be a result of varying forces. If the object changes its direction, or its speed the result ...
The change in velocity is referred to as acceleration. In one dimension, acceleration is taken to be the rate at which a body speeds up or slows down. The SI unit ...
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