Channel 6 Action News Philadelphia?


The phone number for channel 6 Action News in Philadelphia is (215) 878-9700. They are located at 4100 City Avenue in Philadelphia. Channel 6 is an affiliate of ABC.
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It is part of a jingle package used by stations all over the country. I found this link below to tell you all about it. TV News Philadelphia | TV News Themes. In 1997, WPVI modified
Chip Bolcik
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The general inquiries phone number for Channel 6 Action News in Philadelphia is 215-878-9700. Their tip line phone number is 1-866-NEWS-SIX (1-866-639-7749) while ...
The phone number for channel 6 ABC in Philadelphia is 215-878-9700. The address for Channel 6 in Philadelphia is 4100 City Avenue. They call themselves the action ...
Don Polec, the very funny man who began working for Action News in Philadelphia in 1982, left the station April 1, 2009 to work for his wife's production company ...
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