Character Reference Letter for Child Custody?


A reference letter for child custody should include who the writer is, and what case they are referencing. Next the writer should tell how long they have known the person seeking custody. The letter writer should express what would make the person seeking custody the best person for this child. The letter writer should be honest and not exaggerate, or say things that are not true.
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1. Make a list. Write down specific examples of why you think the parent is fit to raise the child. If your examples sound exaggerated, it will count against the parent. Keep the
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I want to write a child custody character letter for one of my friends. I was wondering if anyone was an sample letters or knows what I should include. I guess I just don't know .
If he wants his parental rights he must establish his paternity legally by a DNA test. He can then petition the court for shared custody, visitation and pay child support. The mother
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