Character Traits of Atticus Finch?


The character of Atticus Finch in the novel (and subsequent movie) To Kill a Mockingbird has many character traits that can be taken away. Atticus is very fair and even-handed throughout the story. He represents reason, intention, morals, and ethics. As a parent, he treats his children as if they were adults, never speaking down to them or covering up the truth. Even in the courtroom, truth and honesty prevails with him. Justice is key for him and he wants to make sure that it always prevails.
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Atticus Finch is the pwn! He is honest, sympathetic, empathetic, smart, diligent, wise, basically the good and best traits a person can have.
SparkNotes gives a good synopsis of this novel with relevant sections on characters and quotations of note. It also summarises each chapter. Atticus Finch is an honest man who believes
He is a responsible and loving father, a man who concentrates on
Atticus is a pleasantly complex character. He is a responsible and loving father, a man who concentrates on essences, not externals, a brave man, and a clear and ethical thinker.
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