Characteristics of a Controlling Person?


Characteristics of a controlling person are manipulativeness, an aggressive personality, and dishonesty. A controlling person searches for weak individuals over which they can exercise complete control through manipulation or threat. He or she feels a need to control others because they are unhappy with themselves or their own lives. A controlling person may appear strong, but they tend to be highly insecure, and usually have a problem with authority figures. They are domineering and have a quick temper.
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Genes control our characteristics we develop because each gene is a code for making a certain protein, having different versions means we end up with different characteristics.
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Social incompetence and enthusiasm for unpopular but awesome things, but without the intelligence that denotes the nerd. Embed Quote
1) telling you how to dress 2) tell you how to wear your hair 3) telling you what you can do 4) telling you who you can talk to 5) tell you when you can go somewhere 6) tell you when
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Characteristics of a controlling person are determined by the type of genes present in the person. Genes control the characteristics we develop because each gene ...
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