Characteristics of a Good Employee?


Characteristics of a good employee are punctuality, reliability, and strong work ethic. A good employee shows up to work on time, works efficiently and dutifully, and goes above and beyond the job description to ensure that clients and customers are happy. They are respectful toward customers and coworkers alike, and do not make careless mistakes. If a good employee is given a task, you can be sure that it will be completed, and usually more quickly than expected. They take initiative and don't need constant supervision to work efficiently.
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Characteristics of a Good Employee
Characteristics of a good employee include certain traits that will likely make them more successful. Companies usually evaluate employee traits during the interview process. For example, a human resources manager can discern which job applicant has the... More »
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Devising a reward and incentive program is one way to motivate employees. Some incentives are monetary, while others include other benefits such as time off or gift certificates.
Hard working and friendly.
There are many desirable characteristics employers want in an employee, no matter the level of the employee. Overall, I think personality traits are developed over time from all
always at work on time never late hard worker happy listen to the boss without back chat freindly to other work mates team leader material gives good advise to either work mates or
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