Characteristics of a Healthy Person?


Characteristics of a healthy person include normal blood pressure, blood glucose levels, cholesterol levels, and organ function. These individuals maintain a healthy weight relative to their height and overall muscle tone, and eat a balanced diet. Healthy individuals lead an active lifestyle, and do not participate in vices that contribute to poor health, such as smoking, using drugs, or drinking excessive amounts of caffeinated beverages. To remain healthy, they drink plenty of water and avoid processed foods.
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A healthy diet needs carbohydrates. Some popular diets recommend drastically reducing carbohydrates in the diet; that is risky. The body primarily uses carbohydrates to create energy
A healthy personality is well-balanced, cheerful and stress-free.
Glucose comes from the carbohydrates we eat. The body releases insulin from the beta cells of the pancreas to breakdown this glucose for energy. The glucose is used immediately or
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