Characteristics of a Monarchy?


Monarchy has several characteristics. It includes a land being ruled by just one person. This person remains the head of the state. The power is passed on to the ruler's children or family members.
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Almost every monarchy is based on heredity. There are some rare exceptions, such as the Vatican's elected monarchy, but, by and large, monarchies are birthrights that cannot be elected
An absolute monarch: does not have to answer to another body (such as a parliament) rules by divine right, i.e. claims that God gave the monarch the power to rule. controls all aspects
1. Ruled by one person 2. Remain head of state for life 3. Power is passed
Successful monarchies have: power, knowledge, fairness, ability/willingness to listen to people, popularity, a peaceful nature, economic success, and bravery. report this answer.
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What Are the Characteristics of a Monarchy?
A monarchy is a form of government in which the head of state and/or government is chosen based on birthright. The monarch's title varies, but the best example is a king or a queen. Monarchies are less common in the 21st century than they were in the... More »
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