Characteristics of a Nerd?


The common characteristics of a nerd include being intellectual, socially awkward, and obsessive. Nerds are also thought to be unattractive, and shy. Nerds usually are interested in activities that other would not be interested in, like role-playing games, comic books, card collecting, and science fiction.
Q&A Related to "Characteristics of a Nerd?"
Nerds are characteristically smart and generally enjoy mental games. Many nerds are stereotyped to be small, pale, easily intimidated, and usually misunderstood by the common populace
Nerd is a stereotype that reduces the social status of smart individuals who have a common interest, science, math, or technology are usually targeted most. When I was in school,
In film and television depictions, nerds are
do you have an unnatural obsession with the number 4? my sister n law sits around and out of the blue she will just say four, for no reason. i think she's obsessed with this number,
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