Characteristics of a Right Triangle?


The defining characteristic of a right triangle is the presence of a ninety-degree angle. The other two angles may vary, as long as all three add up to one hundred and eighty degrees.
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Characteristics of a Right Triangle
All right triangles have 90-degree, or right angles. They are used in math for special calculations, including finding the exact distance between two points. Right triangles can also help you find heights and distances that are very large or otherwise... More »
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Every triangle have 6 main parts: 3 sides and 3 angles. On a right triangle one of the angles has to be a right angle, meaning it has a 90 degree angle.
A right triangle is one that contains one right angle. Therefore, the other 2 angles total 90 degrees. So a 45,45,90 is a right triangle. And a 30,60,90 is also right triangle. But
Two characteristics of a right triangle are that is has a right
1. Measure or calculate the length of the triangle's legs on either side of the right angle. 2. Multiply the length of these two sides together. For example, if the triangle's legs
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Triangles are classified according to their characteristics. The types of triangles are, right triangle, equilateral triangle, isosceles triangle, scalene triangle ...
Any geometric shape that has more than three sides. ...
Any geometric shape that has more than three sides. ...
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