How can you be a safe teen driver?


To be a safe teen driver it is very important to practice road safety and caution at all times. Always follow the traffic rules and signs and always keep your eye on the road. Also remember to never drive if you are drunk.
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Some characteristics of a safe driver are: they wear their safety belt and ensure that the passengers in the car are wearing theirs as well. they observe and obey all the rules of
Uses safety belt. Dances safety dance. Wears safety pins. Practices safe sex. Frequents safety deposit box. Slides home safely. Cracks into a safe. and three more.
1. Think Safety First in Everything You Do. This especially applies to driving a. car., which is often done automatically and. in risky conditions like rain, snow, ice and limited
1. Make sure to stick to the speed limit. Even if you are running late somewhere, don't speed. It's better to get to your destination a few minutes later than planned than to be in
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