What Are the Five Characteristics of Adolescence?


Some characteristics of adolescence may be things like immaturity, confusion, moodiness and change. Adolescents are going through their first major life change and becoming adults. This is hard for them mentally, physically and emotionally.
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There are five characteristics of adolescence. 1) Biological growth. 2) Undefined status. 3) Increased decision making. 4) Increased pressure. 5) the search for self.
There are five characteristics of adolescence.1) Biological
Puberty. Self-Consciousness. Energy. Insecurity. Spontaneity. Immaturity. Self-Awareness.
To study the specificity of hospitalized adolescent suicide attempters. METHOD: Among a national sample of students (n = 11,718, mean age = 16.6 years) studied in 1999, 9.2% (n =
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The growth of facial hair is generally one of the last characteristics of physical maturity that develop during adolescence. It depends mainly on ones genetic ...
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