Characteristics of an Authoritarian Government?


An authoritarian government is one in which all of the power is held by a small political group. This type of government does not give the people that they govern any power over decisions that are made. Characteristics of an authoritarian government include a lack of respect for the law by those in power, the deprivation of freedoms to the governed populace, centralized power held by small bureaucracies, and tight control over the nation's military forces.
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This is a form of government that does not consider it's people's opinions and thoughts. They use force often and do not hold elections. There is usually one person or a small group
characteristic of an absolute ruler or absolute
If you are in charge you are rich. If you disagree with those in charge you are in jail. If you are naturally submissive you are in heaven.
Under a unitary system of government, the central government has all the authority, and regional or local governments are under its direct control. Under a federal system of government
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