Characteristics of an Educated Person?


A few general characteristics of an education person that they may actually take for granted is that they most likely are more verbally articulate and can read and write. A person who is uneducated may have difficulty with those simple tasks. An educated person probably has a higher level of income and more opportunities to advance themselves than someone who is uneducated.
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a Person who is learning skills to his betterself rather than learning to pursue his or her degree to get a job. A person should learn to increase his knowledge and if he does that
An educated person acts in a decent and not in a vulgar and boisterous manner. Even if a person has received the highest level of education possible, if he or she behaves in a manner
An educated person is at least: 1.has a deep and genuine empathy, striving to understand others, with the ability to withhold their own judgement until they are sure that they do
1. Determine if you posses characteristics of an open personality. This includes a curious nature and a need for adventure. People who have the "Open" personality trait
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