Characteristics of an Intelligent Person?


Some characteristics of an intelligent person are being a fast-learner and they tend to ask or explore questions in great depth. An extremely intelligent person is referred as gifted. They usually reach their developmental milestones earlier that children of their age. Their brain also have the capacity of an adult at a younger age.
Q&A Related to "Characteristics of an Intelligent Person?"
I think what real intelligence is vs a basic good memory are sometimes confused. There are many different types of thinkers such as the logical thinkers, creative thinkers, linear
A sensitive person, his eyes reflect quick what is in his mind, his tongue is expressing his clear logical view. A real intelligent person normally respects first everybody, without
1. Determine if you posses characteristics of an open personality. This includes a curious nature and a need for adventure. People who have the "Open" personality trait
Anyone who possesses terrifying emotional intelligence will probably come off as charismatic, charming, comforting, and generally not-scary. Unless they decide that at the moment,
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