Characteristics of Baroque Architecture?


Baroque architecture began in the Baroque era. This building style originated in Italy, in the 16th century. Baroque-style buildings share some common characteristics. Dramatic lighting is important in Baroque architecture, and is achieved through the use of windows that create a uniform light. Color and ornamentation is prevalent, as is frescoes painted on the ceilings of large rooms. There is usually a central projection that is quite large and juts outward. Domes erected in a pear shape are often seen.
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Baroque architecture is a term used to describe the building
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1. Look for signs of wealth. Baroque architecture was born out of an abundance of wealth and power. The buildings are lavishly decorated and often very large. This served to show
Baroque art was extravagant and artists during this period had a tase for the dramatic. A big stylistic theme in art, sculpture, and architecture was an intense contrast between lights
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