Characteristics of Cellulose?


One characteristic of cellulose is their length; they are long and made of repeating chain units of carbohydrates that fold back on themselves making the cell walls in plants. They protect plants because the plant walls become hard to penetrate.
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wikipedia have all the describtion you will need for cellulose.
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cell wall.
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Cellulose is an organic compound that is odourless. It is insoluble in water but can be broken down by acids. Cellulose is also biodegradable. It is a constituent ...
Spirogyra are found in freshwater bodies and have distinct characteristics. Their cell walls are layered and they contain compounds such as cellulose and pectin. ...
Phylum chlorophyta is green algae. Some characteristics of phylum chlorophyta aside from the color green are that the primary cell wall is composed of cellulose ...
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