What are characteristics of the class Mammalia?


Being warm-blooded is one of the characteristics of the Mammalia class. Another characteristic is that they have here that contains creatine. Finally, they have mammary glands.
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Common defining characteristics of mammalia are 1. endothermic body plan 2. 4 chambered heart 3 hair of some kind 4 3 middle ear bones 5. sweat glands 6. warm blooded
Mammals are a diverse class but they all have; 3 middle ear
Possess hair which is made of keratin. The evolution of mammalian keratin is believed to be independent of reptilian keratin. Hair provides insulation . Endothermic. The majority
class mammalia: warm-blooded vertebrates characterized by mammary glands in the female
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Class Mammalia
Although mammals share several features in common, Mammalia contains a vast diversity of forms. The smallest mammals are found among the shrews and bats, and can weigh as little as 3 grams. More >>
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