Characteristics of Emotionally Unavailable Men?


Men that are emotionally unavailable can be afraid of commitment, preoccupied with their career, or working to get over a past relationship. If other major events are happening in their lives, they may also be unavailable to emotionally invest in a relationship.
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Emotions. Men who are emotionally unavailable may be great listeners, but they're not necessarily good talkers. They're not willing to open up and communicate, or share their feelings
In general we're taught it's safer to keep emotions to ourselves. Because being honest about them, gets you in trouble. Example: In school, if you tell your teacher you don't get
Dealing with emotionally unavailable men can be the most daunting task even for an experienced woman. Problems start arising in the dating phase because such men refuse to give in
We tend to attract that which we most fear or worry about so the best way to avoid something is to tweak our thinking about it. Instead of focusing on Not getting something, imagining
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