Characteristics of Folktales?


A folktale is a story that was passed down from generation to generation through oral storytelling. Eventually, these stories were recorded. All folktales share some common characteristics. They each teach a lesson of some kind, whether practical or moral. Folktales include some kind of supernatural or magical element. Main characters in these stories represent a human quality, usually good or evil. The main characteristic of folktales is that they have a happy ending, or end with evil being vanquished.
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Characteristics:passed down orally.can change over time.many different types: fables, legends, fairy tales, tall tales, generic folktales, myths. hope it helps :
There are actually seven main characteristics of folktales. They
Folktales feature the phrase "once upon a time" or similar, repetition of phrases or responses, good and bad characters and commonpeople or animals. report this answer.
Folktales can be categorized into several predominant kinds (characteristic examples follow). 1. Cumulative tales are the simplest of all. There is not much plot involved, but they
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There are many characteristics that all these types of literature have in common. All of them have a common root in the world of fantasy. Most of them were created ...
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