Which of the Following Are Characteristics of Ancient Greek Architecture?


Some characteristics of ancient Greek architecture include the following: Ionic and Doric columns and buttresses. Greek architecture is among the most studied in the world.
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The fundamental principles of architecture by Vitruvius are
1. Note the color and look at the supports. Most Greek Revival structures are white. Corinthian, Doric and Ionic are the three types of supporting columns in Greek Revival Architecture
I'd say A: artist were obsessed with muscular men and people on vases all looked the same, not to mention their obsession with complex (but symmetrical) architecture.
A. Concrete, arches, and vaulted domes. B. Doric, Ionian, and Corinthian columns. C. Bricks, windows, and marble. D. Steel, columns, and broken arches. one of those -Apex.
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