What are characteristics of Impressionist art?


Impressionism is an art movement that originated in Paris in the nineteenth century. It was named after the painting Impression, by Claude Monet. Subjects in this painting style can vary, but painting do share some common characteristics. Generally, impressionist paintings are realistic depictions of common subject matter, featuring some form of movement. The brush strokes are visible, but are thin and relatively small when compared to the subject. Light sources are especially important, and must be consistent. Unusual angles are common in impressionist paintings.
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Time Frame. Although Post-Impressionism describes French art created during the period of 1886 to 1941, the term itself was not coined until 1910 by English art critic and artist
Claude Monet did.
Impressionism is about the nature of fugitive light falling on surfaces. This play of moving light, as opposed to stationary light, expresses the ephemeral quality of modernity. Impressionism
Characteristics of Impressionism visible brush strokes, open
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Characteristics of Impressionism Art
Impressionism is a form of art that began in France during the late 19th century. It sought to break away from traditional styles of painting by focusing on the flickering impressions that the glimpse of an object or a scene left on the the viewer.... More »
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