Characteristics of Inner Planets and Outer Planets?


There are different planets in the solar system which are grouped under the inner and outer planets. Inner planets are close to the sun and include Mercury, Earth and Venus among others and are composed of solid metal surface whereas outer planets are far from the sun and include Neptune, Uranus and Jupiter among others and are gaseous in nature with no solid surfaces but liquid cores.
Q&A Related to "Characteristics of Inner Planets and Outer Planets..."
Pluto because it is very small and it's surface is rocky.
According to the Beacon Learning Center, because the four inner planets are solid, composed of rock and metals, they are also called "rocky" or "terrestrial" planets
Inner planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.
Because gravity is stronger as it gets closer to the planet it is orbiting. and orbits are caused by the gravity of the planit they are rotating.
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