Characteristics Of Laissez Faire Leadership Style?


Laissez-faire leadership is a delegative leadership. This type of leadership leads to poor quality and low productivity among workers. The leaders are strictly hands off and leave the decision making to the group. Some characteristics of this type of leadership are very little guidance from leaders, complete freedom for workers to make decisions, and group workers are expected to solve problems on their own. This type leadership can be effective in situations where group members are highly skilled, motivated and capable of working on their own.
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Allows followers to have complete freedom to make decisions concerning
WHAT IS "laISSEZ fAIRE" LEADERSHIP LEADERSHIP , EXPLAIN IN DETAIL. Team members are given a free rein to do pretty much what they like. The leader makes as few decisions
Managers who want to know what laissez-faire leadership techniques can do to help them further their career development can use free Internet resources such as those provided by the
MAJOR ADVANTAGE: Most people don't like having someone looking over their shoulder constantly, so a laissez-faire management style promotes trust in the workers. MAJOR DISADVANTAGE:
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