What are the characteristics of the planet Mercury?


Some of the characteristics of the planet Mercury are that it is a hot planet that can reach temperatures of up to 840 degrees F and the temperatures at night go as low as minus 275 degrees F because Mercury doesn't have an atmosphere to hold the heat in. Mercury also has a very large metallic core.
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Mercury is the. innermost. and. smallest. planet in the Solar System. It's orbit has the. highest. eccentricity. It has the. smallest. axial tilt. You can only view it in the morning
Mercury is an element in the earth's crust. Humans cannot create or destroy
The planet mercury is the planet closest to our sun. It has extremely high temperatures and little atmosphere. The element mercury is one of the only elements that is a liquid at
Mercury is the smallest planet it is also the hottest and has cratering
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Discovery: Mercury has been known since ancient times.
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