Characteristics of Modern Architecture?


Modern architecture is usually characterized by simplification of form and a lack of applied decoration. It is based on the form follows function principle with a taste of simplicity and clarity of forms. and Unnecessary detail is eliminated and visual expression of structure is applied with use of industrially-produced materials.
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Modern architecture is not only different from earlier styles, but often differs radically from building to building within its own category. Most structures have a light, almost
ornamental entryways and decadent lobbies
there are no such characteristics.
1. Find a connection with the art. Learn the details, the materials, and the effort that an artist invests in in order to achieve such beauty. When referring to an art, many expect
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Characteristics of Modern Architecture
Modern home architecture officially kicked off in southern California with the introduction of the Case Study House Program in 1945 in "Arts and Architecture" magazine. That program featured new designs of post-war homes designed by architects who... More »
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