Characteristics of Philippine Folk Dances?


Some of the characteristics of Philippine folk dances include little body, contact, and specific hand movements. The dances are usually done in pairs, and they are done in a long formation.
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Folk dance characteristics:differed from place to place. give pleasure to dancers and audiences.reflects cultures introduced by invaders and conquerors.provided socialization and
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There are dozens of different folk dances from the Philippines, so it would be hard to say. If you are talking about the Tinikling, I would say the values are grace and trust. If
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Philippine folk dances depict everyday back breaking tasks and hardships which is turned into the art of dance. The Idaw dance is considered a hunting ritual performed ...
Many countries, including the Philippines, have ethnic or folk dances that are performed on special occasions. One characteristic of the Palok or the Lumagen dance ...
The folk dances in Philippines are Itik-itik, Tinikling, Pandango sa Ilaw, Singkil, Maglalatik, and Carinosa. Adding to the list are Pantomina, Malakas at Maganda ...
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