Characteristics of Physically Fit Person?


The characteristics of a physically fit person include the fact that these people tend to be active. Flexibility and motion without pain are also characteristics of a physically fit person. A lean body is also a characteristic. 
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the characteristics of a physically fit person can vary from person to person as there are different aspects to be considered in physical fitness, but the general conception of a
Physical characteristics can include a variety of things.
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I can think of a couple ways that the characters' personalities are reflected in their physical characteristics. Julia, first of all, is a very fit, healthy-looking, and youthful
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The characteristics of a physically fit person can easily be seen through its ease of movements. A physically fit person can be seen through its endurance and ...
The characteristics of a physically fit individual are good flexibility of movement. A physically fit person will also be able to perform light exercise without ...
The different physical fitness and sports talent test consist of doing sit up and pres ups. The number of sit ups and press up that a person can manage in one ...
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