Characteristics of Plant like Protists?


Protists are a diverse group of eukaryotic microorganisms which are unicellular in nature. A common example is the algae. Protists live in soil, water or on barks of trees. They have certain characteristics similar to those of plants. They are able to manufacture foods and also produce oxygen. Some protists have stem-like structures and anchors like plants.
Q&A Related to "Characteristics of Plant like Protists?"
Plant-like protists are: Euglenoids,
the euglena has chloroplasts in it, so it can make its own food using photosynthesis (chloroplasts contain a green pigment called chlorophyll that makes glucose with sunlight, sugar
C. Algae are plant-like protists. A. and B. are incorrect because not all protists are unicellular (protozoans are unicellular)
Plantlike Protists are classified as Unicellular Algae. They contain chlorophyll and carry out photosynthesis.
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