What are the characteristics of rock music?


The genre of rock music is characterized by the use of electric guitar and a 4/4 time signature.

Rock music is a genre of music that can be further divided into various sub-genres.

Rock music evolved from other styles of music including blues and country music. It was also influenced by jazz, folk and even some classical music. In general, rock music uses a 4/4 time signature and follows a lyrical and musical pattern of verse and chorus. Electric rhythm guitars, electric bass guitars and drums are all key components of the rock music genre. Some styles have also incorporated the use of synthesized keyboards and orchestral instruments including strings and horns.

Rock music relies heavily on lyrics, often containing themes ranging from romance and love to politics and social issues. Sub-genres of rock music have included alternative, grunge, progressive, hardcore, punk, metal and indie rock. Each of these sub-genres have their own set of identifying characteristics.

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