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One of the characteristics of sponges is that although they are a marine animal, they reproduce in a manner similar to plant. Mesohyl, which is mostly collagen, fills the area between layers of cells to provide skeletal structure. They do not have muscles, true tissues, circulatory or nervous systems, nor do they feel pain. Sponges are able to adapt to many diverse conditions, with some able to live in fresh water. They have pores which intake fluid and food, filtering them as they pass through.
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Phylum Porifera
Sponges are a diverse group of sometimes common types, with about 5000 species known across the world. Sponges are primarily marine, but around 150 species live in fresh water. Sponges have cellular-level organization, meaning that that their cells... More >>
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A yellow squishy organism that live on the bottom of the ocean and is concidered a animal also filters water.
Sponges reproduce sexually or asexually and can also be hermaphroditic.
Hi Nini, Sponges belong to Phylum Porifera and one of the most unique features which the sponges have is that they have the ability to suffer any damage, since the cells are not linked
Here is a website full of fun facts about sponges,……
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The main characteristic of a sponge is its porous body. Another important attribute of sponges is that they are multicellular organisms with unspecialized cells. ...
The phylum porifera is commonly known as 'sponges.' There are about 9000 species in the phylum, with a general body plan of two cell layers surrounding a spongocoel ...
There are multiple characteristics of sessile animals. Examples of sessile include hydra, sponges, and corals. Some of their characteristics include being stationary ...
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