Characteristics of Starfish?


Starfish are echinoderms that belong to the class Asteroidea. They are characterized by a central disc and five arms, though some species are known to have many more arms. Their upper surface may be smooth, granular or spiny, covered with overlapping plates. A number of species are brightly colored in various shades of red or orange, while others are grey, blue or brown.
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They have 5 'legs' like a five pointed star, and have a sort of fuzzy, bumpy flesh. Having held one before, I know that they come in many colors, such as purple. Characteristics of
A unique characteristic of a starfish is they all possess a very unique
Starfish are interesting animals that also live along the beaches. Starfish are many different colors. Starfish usually have 5 arms, although some have as many as 44 arms. Each arm
Basically he's saying that because so many animals have similar organ plans, that must be evidence for a designer, but that presents a problem, animals like starfish have radically
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Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Echinodermata Class: Asteroidea
Sea stars are characterized by radial symmetry, several arms radiating from a central body. Mouth and anus are close together on the underside, the anus is at the center of the disc together with the water intake... More »
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Starfish have two stomachs. This characteristic helps them eat clams and oysters larger than themselves. One stomach works by enveloping the prey and the other ...
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