Characteristics of Surrealism?


Surrealism is a movement in the 1920s that is known for its artwork and writings. The center of the movement was in Paris. Characteristics of surrealism are works with fantasy and free association.
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Some characteristics of surrealism art include a dream like quality, where objects, people and shapes are greatly distorted. Others include the use of strange/out of place colours
A style of art imagery arrived at by automatism or the exploitation of
The exploration of the dream and unconsciousness as a valid form of reality, inspired by Sigmund Freud's writings. A willingness to depict images of perverse sexuality, scatology,
The basis to it all is your subconsious. Salvador Dalhi literally painted what he saw in his dreams. There are a lot of element. Miro, a surrealist painter, sarved himself to the
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The word surreal refers to something that is related or has the characteristics of surrealism. Surrealism refers to a cultural movement that is best known for ...
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