Characteristics of the Kingdom Animalia?


The characteristics that an animal needs to be placed in the kingdom Animalia is they need to move, breathe and reproduce. The member of this group are heterotrophs, meaning that they receive nutrients through other organisms. Reproduction is done with a sperm and an egg that forms inside the bodies of the animals.
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An animal has millions of cells in its body, and each performs a different function vital to life. A red blood cell that carries oxygen is different from a reproductive cell. Animals
Characteristics: Heterotrophic, Multicellular eukaryotic organisms,...
This is a very diverse question, as there are a lot of different animals within the animalia kingdom. I will attempt to explain the general structures and situations of each of the
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Characteristics of Kingdom Animalia
Kingdom Animalia is the taxonomic group that covers every living, breathing animal on the planet. There are certain characteristics of an organism that will either include it in the classification or exclude it.... More »
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The Kingdom Animalia is made up of different types of animals such as mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, and insects. Within these different types, there are different ...
The importance of kingdom animalia is great. Just think of a world without any animals. The kingdom animalia is made up of millions of animals that include our ...
Dog, shark, and sparrow are just three examples of organisms from the Animalia Kingdom. The animalia kingdom is composed of multi-cellular organisms. Its vast ...
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