Characteristics of Unshortened Cakes?


Characteristics of Unshortened Cakes;they are sometimes called foam cakes,they contain no fat.The two categories for unshortened cakes are foam cakes and butter cakes.
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Unshortened or foam cakes are leavened solely by the air beaten into whole
Characteristics are traits or something special that makes one thing. So the characteristics include fluffy, moist, and beautiful. Quality, development, design.
Be sure after it goes in the pan to cut thru it with a knife to eliminate air pockets. Use the special angel cake pan for them, it helps. My Mom always cooled them upside down, I
Baking is very scientific. If the amount of any ingredient is off it will throw off the entire recipe. The best cookies are crisp on the bottom but soft and chewy when you bite into
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