Characters of Ramayana?


The main characters of 'Ramayana' are Dasaratha, who is the king of Ayodhya. there is also Rama, his first-born son. Sita is one of the the king's wives, as is Kaushlaya (Rama's mother). Ravana, the 10-headed king, is an antagonist in the story. He kidnaps the king's wife, Sita.
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Since the question has the "why" and not many answers have why, Here's the explanation. First on the list comes Raam (राम) - Maryada Purushottam (Jewel
Ravana acts as the primary antagonist in the Hindo work of the
The following are the main characters in The EPIC RAMAYANA . Ahalya - Wife of sage Gautama, who got curse and turn into a stone and later became free from curse by the touch of Rama
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One of the main characters of Ramayana is Dasaratha. Also, Rama, Sita, Bharata and Hanuman are main characters. Ravana is also a common character in the story ...
Ramayana is a epic of Hindu peoples detailing their life's purpose and beliefs. It relays this through the characters of a king, ideal wife, brother, father, son ...
When viewed as a religious epic through the lens of Hindu philosophy, each of the main characters stands for a different moral. Rama, Sita, Bharat and Laksmana ...
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