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Charlemagne made significant contributions to Western civilization. During his rule he ordered mass relocations and executions to put down rebellions in Saxony. He also changed the existing system of government while serving as emperor.
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he was the first christian king and brough the christian religion to the kingdom my teacher said.'s_c...
Charlemagne's rule greatly influenced Europe's push to create a
Charlemagne (Charles the Great or Charles I) (shär´lsymbolmān) [O.Fr.Charles the great] 742?—814, emperor of the West (800—814) Carolingian king of the
Clovis turned his wars of aggression & conquest into holy wars against heretics. Charlemagne converted his Frankish kingdom & conquered lands to Christianity. report this
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Charlemagne was the Frankish king who conquered most of Europe and was crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Leo III in the year 800. He was also known as Carolus Magnus and Karl der Grosse (Karl the Great). Charlemagne's precise birthplace and date are... More »
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Died: January 28, 814 · More images »
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