Chastity Devices?


A chastity device is also called a chastity belt. It is a locking device that is used to prevent sexual intercourse. The person who wears this belt, may be protected from rape or the temptation to take part in such an act. Some of these devices are also made to prevent self pleasuring of the wearer. The belts are created for both a woman and a male. There is no evidence to show that the belt existed before the 15th century. The period where the chastity belts were most common was the Renaissance period.
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Broadly, a chastity device is any contraption meant to prevent the wearer from indulging in sexual intercourse. The use of chastity devices by both sexes dates back centuries. Historically
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There are two basic types of male chastity devices. Short-term devices are often
Look up CB-2000, Neosteel, Access Denied, and Tollyboy. All of them are high security, long term wear devices or belts. The CB series is probably the most hygienic, in terms of ease
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Chastity devices are used to keep women from having sexual intercourse. These are very real products. Men have chastity devices that do the same for them as well ...
Traditionally, chastity belts were devices used to prevent someone from having sexual intercourse. This was in conservative times of the Crusades, and was used ...
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