Chat Rooms for Kids under 13?


Internet safety is an important concern for everyone, but especially so for kids. While many attempt to shield their children from the risks of the Internet by preventing them from accessing it at all, in today's world where technology plays an ever more central role, a more practical solution is to allow activities on the internet in a safe, controlled environment.

The best chat rooms for kids share several characteristics in common: first, they usually have an age limit of 13, keeping them truly a kids-only experience; second, they don't allow adult language or topics; and third, they have a parents' room that allows for parental discussion as well.

Here are some of the most highly recommended kids' chat sites on the web:
Disneys ToonTown

Remember, no matter what chat site you choose for your child, you are ultimately your child's best defense against any ne'er-do-wells. Be sure to educate your child about situations to avoid and what is and is not acceptable behavior online. Make sure your kid knows to never give out personal information, and be nearby in case of a problem.
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Many websites have moderated chat rooms. All chat rooms have the potential to be unclean and there are always online predators around. Your best option is to join a Yahoo Group with
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As you note, Facebook is explicitely not designed for children under 13. That said, many of the Facebook games are broad in appeal, and few of them are inappropriate for children
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