How do you chat with celebrities?


With social media the way it is, you can usually find a celebrity profile to chat with among the crowd. Often times, the profile is ran by an acquaintance or publisher. However, some celebrities do use certain social media platforms and to find and chat with them, you'd just need to search for their name and friend them.
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Well if you knew their personal emails and they told you thier IM you could. How to get an email well you could ask me. I know lots of celeb emails most of them dont reply but here
Ustream does live streaming of celebrity chats in high volume on a regular basis. Last night Lil Wayne debuted a song on Ustream ( lTwistTV. Other celebrities
You can't really talk to them unless you meet them. Some reply on twitter but not all do. On FB there are many fakes and they don't even manage it.
Go to to chat with various celebrities that
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