How do I make a doll display case?


Cheap doll display cases can be found by buying in bulk from hobby supply companies. Toy stores may also have these in large quantities to reduce the price of them. Doll cases preserve nice dolls and keep them clean and dry.
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1. Turn the picture frame upside down on your work surface. This will be the bottom of your display case. Have a helper hold the clear acrylic sheets in place on the frame while you
If you want the most "bang for your buck" try Discount Showcases for glass display cases - I purchased four full vision glass showcases
For many doll collectors, doll display cases are a must, especially since many collectable dolls cost hundreds of dollars. Doll display cases protect the doll’s clothing from
Dolls were originally designed as samples for dressmakers to follow to re-create the latest styles from the courts of England and France. Today, dolls of many types exist, from toddlers
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