How to Tell If Ray Ban Sunglasses Are Fake?


One place you can get cheap Ray Ban sunglasses is off of Amazon. Ray Ban sunglasses can be very expensive when purchased at some places. You should be careful when purchasing them at places such as flea markets because they can be fake.
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eBay if you want fakes.
1. Look at the box your Ray-Bans came in. There should be a recycling logo, as well as a semi-permanent sticker on the box, including the serial number, manufacturer and distributor
Well if you have family in the Navy, tell them to take you to the navy exchange cuz they sell REAL Ray-Bans for $30 to $60! Other than that stay away from mall stores cuz they charge
1 Hold the sunglasses . What do they feel like in weight and texture? Ray-Bans are built to last and of good quality, so if what you're holding doesn't feel like quality, that may
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eBay if you want fakes. ...
You might be able to buy cheap Ray Ban sunglasses through the Ray Ban website when they have a sale. Another good option would be to check local flea markets to ...
Ray-Ban is a brand of high-end sunglasses. The company was founded in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb. The United States Army Air Corps began using Ray-Ban sunglasses, ...
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