How to Make a Shot Glass Display Case?


You can make a shot glass display case for cheap using materials from a local home improvement store. The materials needed for the project are: nails, hammer, plywood, boards, saw, and spray lacquer. You can follow a tutorial or design your own style for the case.
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1. Use a saw to cut three 2-by-4s to the length of 24 inches, cut two 2-by-4s to the length of 18 inches, cut a sheet of plywood into a 24 inch by 18 inch rectangle. 2. Position two
I've never seen a jewelry display case with a shot of water in it but my best guess would be it's for the opals. I store my grandmother's opals with a cotton ball doused in water
A shot glass case is considered as a furniture or a decorative house accessory, which means that one can find a shot glass case from any furniture stores in a local high street and
You can buy pine, oak, maybe poplar, boards in the right thicknesses at varying widths at Depot and Lowes, and probably most lumber yards. The joints will be hard to keep sufficiently
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