Cheapest State to Buy a Car?


There have been a handful of online studies that have been done to establish that Maryland is the cheapest state in which to buy a car. Maryland car dealerships offer higher incentives than other states across the country and even set the asking prices up to ten percent less than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. On the other side, the some of the most expensive states to purchase a vehicle in include New York, Arizona, and California.
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It is harder to find a cheap new car than it is an inexpensive new car, but it can be done. Manufacturer dealerships are typically your only source for brand new cars, so you are
The lowest priced car that you can buy new in the United
Good question. I would think about "cheapest" in terms of two areas of cost: Fees and taxes. Taxes and fees. : You won't pay sales taxes on a new car purchase as a resident
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