How do you add Freon to an air conditioner?


When running an air conditioner, it is necessary to keep checking the Freon level so the system does not wear out at a bad time. To add Freon to the conditioner, attach a hose to the system and Freon can, open the valve for a couple of seconds then tighten the hose connection again and close the valve.
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No sight glass on the Saturn system. to know if it's low you would have to install a gage set and connect to the suction and high side of AC to determine if it is low on refrigerant
1. Hold a thermometer up to the air vent to take a reading on the cool air. Take another temperature reading of the air being pulled into the unit and the air return. Do this while
Central type units have service valves on the outside unit for checking pressures. Window units are sealed systems unless someone has worked on it in the past and had to access the
your ac / evaporator coil can freeze up. check you liquid line ( smaller refrigerant line by ac evaporator coil) if line is pounding and very hot, chances are your system is low on
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