Check for Unpaid Tickets?


If you want to check for unpaid tickets, there are a couple options. If they are your tickets, you may be able to search online through your state's DMV, you will just have to answer a few personal questions to let the system know it is you. The Clerk of Court for your area will also have the ability to tell you of any unpaid tickets you may have.
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1. Locate the telephone number for your local municipal court. You can find this in the blue pages of your local phone book or with a simple online search that includes your town
Call your local municipal court. You can find this in the blue
They will usually suspend your license and issue a warrant for your arrest.
Below is a link to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. You can change your address online at no charge to take care of that part. Also the Post Office will forward your mail for 6
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How to Check for Unpaid Tickets
Sometimes it's easy to overlook paying a traffic ticket in the hustle and bustle of every day life. When a ticket shows up on your windshield, it's easy to cast it onto the dashboard or the floor, where it can get lost and thrown out with the trash. With... More »
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