How to Deposit a Check Made Out to Two People?


If a check is made out to two people and you want to deposit the check in your account, your name and the other person's name must be on the check. The bank account must be a joint account or some banks will not allow it to be deposited. It can be cashed, but not deposited.
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1. Examine the joint check to see how the names of the parties appear on the front of the check. You will usually see "Your name or the other person's name" or "Your
It depends on how the check was written. If the two names were written with an 'and' in between, than signers from both companies have to be at the branch to deposit it in order to
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Cashing two party checks can usually be done at a bank. A two party check is a check made out to an individual as well as a bank or other entity. Both parties ...
Checks deposited from institutions that are located in the same state will take up to two business days to clear. Deposits made into an account that is located ...
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