Check My Case Status?


It is extremely important for you to continue to check your immigration case status for updates as you proceed through the immigration process. There are many different ways you can do this including online, by phone, by email, or in person. In order to check your case status online, you are going to need your application receipt number. You can call the National Customer Service Center at any time and follow the voice prompts for a case status update.
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1. Get your case receipt number. When the Department of Homeland Security sends an applicant or petitioner a notice of receipt, it includes a receipt number. Refer to yours to find
The best way is to visit the court where the action was filed and request to see the file. If that's not possible you can try calling but in many cases clerks will not provide that
A REPORT COMPLETED SUSPENSION CHECK - CASE STILL SUSPENDED status is issued after a Suspension Letter has been mailed to the trademark applicant. The USPTO received a response from
1. Boot up computer and sign onto Internet connection. 2. Type in the address bar: 3. Click on the middle column, labeled "Investors. A new page will open. 4. Click
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