What are some examples of cheerleading team names?


Cheerleading team names are usually composed of using the location of the team, the team name or the mascot. Some examples are Dallas Cowgirls, Buffalo Jills, and the Cincinnati Ben Gals. If you are looking to name your cheerleading team think about what your team represents and make sure it is catchy. If your team color is blue you could be called the Blue Bells. Make sure you include your whole team in the naming process.
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Well it depends on some other things. If youre a school team, the name of your squad should correspond with the school's mascot. Ex: Ridgefield Ravens- Raven Cheerleaders. OR. Louisa
1. Decide which type of team you want to have. High school teams are the most common and are typically used to support the school's sports teams at games, pep rallies and media events
Cheer Zone Heat All-Stars is a popular team in New York. ChaCha!
1 Determine whether you will be a competitive or regular cheerleading squad. Competitive, or “all-star”, teams work with the goal of competing in and winning local, regional
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